Database Information for APAFT - Australian Public Affairs Full Text

Informit APAFT

Critical insights into Australian society

Informit APAFT (formerly known as Australian Public Affairs Full Text) brings together over 550 journals covering Australia's political, economic and social affairs. Developed in partnership with the Australian Public Affairs Information Service produced by the National Library of Australia, the collection holds scanned images and articles on topics such as current affairs, economics, humanities, law, literature, politics and social sciences.

Features and Benefits:
> Over 560 journals included
> Full text coverage starting as far back as 1994
> Index records starting as far back as 1978
> A broad range of social-facing subjects
> A significant volume of internationally-applicable content that is hard to find in any other database
> Applicable to a variety of research- and practice-oriented disciplines

Key subjects:
> Environment
> Globalisation
> History
> Industrial relations
> Immigration
> Politics
> Social policy
> Public health
> National identity

Key titles:
> Alternative Law Journal
> Australian Aboriginal Studies
> Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health
> Australian Health Review
> Australian Journal of Communication
> Australian Journal of Social Issues
> Griffith Review
> Journal of Australian Political Economy
> Keeping Good Companies
> Metro Magazine
> RIMA: Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs
> Social Alternatives

**Australian Public Affairs Full Text is available via subscription on Informit, visit: http://www.informit.org. You can also contact Informit directly on: (03) 9925 8210 or support.informit@rmit.edu.au.**